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GV-Storage System V2-4U,24-Bay

Large Storage Capacity GV‐Storage System V2, the IP SAN storage system, is a high‐performance RAID storage system based on the latest iSCSI technology for users looking for a cost‐effective and shared storage solution over the network. Compared to the desktop PC and consumer NAS system which only allow for 2 ~ 8 hard disks for data storage, GV‐Storage System V2 is equipped with 24 hard disk drives, storage capacity up to 144 TB (with 6 TB HDD). GV‐Storage System V2 can connect to 7 units of 24‐bay GV‐Expansion Systems, JBOD systems, increasing storage up to 192 hard disks with 1,152 TB. High Availability GV‐Storage System V2 has fully redundant components including power supplies, fan modules, and SAS JBOD expansion ports linked to GV‐Expansion System. All of these components are hot‐swappable to create a high availability platform and provide non‐stop services. Compatibility with GeoVision Surveillance Systems GV‐Storage System V2 is compatible with GeoVision Surveillance Systems and Software. With its large storage capacity and high availability, GV‐Storage System V2 is an ideal choice for safe and long‐term data storage. Compatible GeoVision Products GV‐Hot Swap System V5 Series GV‐NVR System Lite V2 Series GV‐Tower / DVR / NVR / VMS System GV‐DVR / NVR / VMS / Recording Server / Backup Center / Redundant Server / Failover Server